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Creating A Space of Beauty

Creating A Space of Beauty

Whether you're looking to design an entire salon, barber shop or just one salon suite, you want your space to be stylish and comfortable for both you and your customers. After all, your customers are coming to you to improve their appearance, beautify and pamper themselves.... your space needs to look like this is the place where this will all happen!

The beauty industry and the Kardashians have really made us all step up our beauty game. The days of a small shop with a few modest chairs are gone. In 2019 to be competitive in the barber shop and salon game, you need to create an environment where everyone feels, if even for an hour or so, that they are getting the same treatment as the Housewives of Orange County and the guys on Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.  You need to offer innovative and effective hair drying equipment: digital hair dryers on wheels, wall mounted hair dryers and Wave Halo Processor. 

With a suite on every corner, you need to stand out and offer your clients the style and comfort they expect and deserve. Asti Salon Supply works with all budgets to create the shop that gives customers a salon experience that will exceed their expectations and have them return again and again.  

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